Software as a Service

Many agencies wish to utilize the ARMS Hosting Services, to move their existing system to the ’Cloud’. This allows the agency to avoid the expense of servers or and server maintenance. By using mainstream technology, the ARMS platform can be deployed via an agency hosted model or hosted on a ‘Cloud’ server. ARMS uses a combination of thick client and browser technology to bring the department a very robust information management system.

The ARMS SaaS model allows the agency to enter yearly contracts to use ARMS without purchasing the ARMS license or and server hardware.
The ARMS Hosting is 100% CJIS compliant.

Maintains CJIS Standards

The Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) is a division of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The CJIS was established in February 1992 and it is the largest division in the FBI. A computerized criminal justice information system that is a counterpart of FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) is centralized in Washington D.C., and is maintained by Department of Justice (DOJ) in each state. It is available to authorized local, state, and federal law enforcement and criminal justice agencies via any of the three law enforcement communication systems — National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS), a more localized state criminal information system (name varies by state), and the International Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (INLETS). Usually CJIS offers a much wider range of information nationwide and more precise inquiry search parameters than NCIC. CJIS consists of several databases and one subsystem, and its retrieval and update capabilities are online.

Information from Wikipedia.

These standards limit a viable hosting solution to use only Microsoft Azure. These standards also ensure that ARMS meets all security requirements by CJIS. This includes:

  • Password Complexity and History Requirements;
  • Encryption of data between Client and Server;
  • Encryption of data on Server (Optional).

Microsoft Azure Government Meets Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Requirements.

We are pleased to offer hosting to our customers. This can be added to the agnecies yearly support and maintenance contract. ARMS can be self-hosted utilizing minimal resources or the agency can choose to have ARMS hosted via Microsoft Azure.