ARMS Mobile addresses the age old problem of extending an agency’s collection and querying of data to mobile units in the field. In this day and time, your resources must be deployed more efficiently. Keeping your Officers in the field, instead of in the office is key. ARMS Mobile delivers this information to the field. ARMS Mobile however, is more than just a mobile solution for laptops and MDTs. ARMS Mobile can be used on any device with either a Wi-Fi or Cellular connection or hot spots. ARMS Mobile gives officers access to interact with CAD and the dispatch users as well as complete case reports from the mobile devices.

Ease of Use

Device Independent, use tablets running iOS, Android or Windows ;

ARMS Mobile provides queries for Names, Properties, Vehicles, Business as well as NCIC look ups;

Intuitive step by step windows guide users through data entry

Comprehensive Mobile Suite

Field personnel are able to complete all incident data, including narratives, names, property and follow up reports that are required;

Users can complete a full Field Interview directly from Mobile CAD window;

Allows multiple Address, Phone, Physical Description of a person; no overwriting historical records.

Real time queries with Real time information

Location History — Officer Safety Alerts, Weapons On premises alerts and Hazmat information is transferred to the CAD event notes;

Active call interaction with assistance from Google Maps; Review details of cleared calls from the last 12 hours;

Query connectivity available to NCIC, CJIS, and databases.

If you want to learn more about ARMS Mobile, download PDF.