ARMS provides your agency with the tools to succeed. Save time, stay organized and keep personnel in the field safe with ARMS Computer Aided Dispatch. ARMS CAD allows the dispatcher to direct units and access data, all from within the same application. Interfaces with NCIC and State and Regional databases. ARMS CAD offers seamless integration with ARMS Mapping, ARMS Records Management, and ARMS Mobile.

Manage CAD Resource

Simplifies the management of patrol and premise related information — available units, unit locations, unit statuses, pending and active calls, SOP’s, Security Matrix of Premises, Contacts, and more;

SOPs allow the agency to define departmental procedure, define questions for the caller and protocols for all events;

Capture, manage, and prioritize mission-critical data to support decision-making in situations where every second counts.

Access Critical Information in One Interface

Visual and Audible Alerts based on entry or retrieval of location or person records noted with Officer Safety warnings

CAD Event information can include: Names, Property and Vehicle records. Once data is entered, it is available from all ARMS modules for reduced data entry;

Complete location and premises history — View all previous events from the location, view officer safety conditions, alarm company information, owner contact and hazardous materials information. View all of this without leaving CAD.

Report and Notify

Using the ARMS Data Browser, CAD users may query any module in ARMS without closing CAD;

Using ARMS Notification Manager, email notification can be sent based on the type of incident code created;

Predefined CAD reports are available in the system, just open, enter a parameter and print.

If you want to learn more about ARMS Computer Aided Dispatch, download PDF.