ARMS is the premier CAD and RMS solution for public safety agencies - a fully integrated Information Management System offering you the latest technology and the most feature rich applications since 1988. Over the years, ARMS has evolved as the needs of our customers have evolved, resulting in a user-friendly set of modules and features for your agency in the office and in the field.

ARMS offers software solutions to all facets of public safety, including Municipal Police Departments, School Districts, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals, Airports, Housing Authorities, Private Security, Indian Nations, and more.

ARMS offers favorable Site-License Pricing - No haggling over the number of connections or users, enjoy unlimited growth potential without additional license fees. Your agency also has the choice of a License Purchase or a SaaS (Software as a Service) Subscription, wherein ARMS will host your database in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.

Data Collection — Data Management — Data Distribution

ARMS Offers

  • Mainstream Technology;
  • Available for Microsoft/iPad/Android;
  • Modern and intuitive interface;
  • Site License, no haggling over the number of connections or number of users;
  • Buy, Lease or SaaS option.
  • Professional Support Services - pre and post-sale;

Records Management

ARMS Records Management allows an agency to organize, maintain and retrieve the large amounts of information a department gathers. Whether in the office or on a mobile device, ARMS allows for seamless data entry into Records Management.

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ARMS Computer Aided Dispatch effectively manages resources, responses and all dispatching activities. Built on Microsoft’s .NET and SQL Server technology, ARMS provides your agency with the tools to succeed. Save time, stay organized and keep personnel in the field safe with ARMS Enterprise Computer Aided Dispatch

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ARMS enables the user to interact with CAD and Case Management data from an iPad, Android, Windows Mobile tablet, or traditional laptop/MDT environment, using device-independent web browsers such as Google Chrome. Units can receive assignments from Dispatch or create their own Self-Initiated incidents from ARMS Mobile CAD, as well as update time statuses, add call notes, and issue case reports.

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ARMS Parking has all the tools and features in one system to automate and manage your entire parking operation — finally eliminating the costly need to piece together separate solutions from multiple vendors. Whether used on its own or with our ARMS Mobile Citation Writers, ARMS Parking will increase your agencies productivity and most importantly, your revenues.

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Data Share

The ARMS Data Share client allows agencies to participate in any local, regional or national data share that accepts data using the Global Justice XML data model. This model is an XML standard designed specifically for criminal justice information exchanges, providing law enforcement, public safety agencies, prosecutors, public defenders, and the judicial branch with a tool to effectively share data and information in a timely manner.

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Accessing your data is crucial to any system. ARMS has multiple tools allowing the viewing, printing and distribution of all information. From highly formatted reports to aggregate statistics, ARMS Reporting has the tools you need.

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